home network

Want your upstairs computer connected to your downstairs computer, without wires?

no more waiting
Stop waiting for your turn. Share one Cable modem or DSL modem among multiple users and lose the frustration. Talk on the phone and use the internet at the same time*.

save time
Copying to a disk takes time, and many disks are usually required to copy large amounts of data such as MP3s. Through the wireless network, it's quick and hassle free.

save money on connection fees
There's no need to pay for two cable modems anymore. Share one modem among two, three, or more computers and pay only one fee. Our networks will usually pay themselves off in less than a year.

save money on peripherals
Instead of buying two or three printers, buy one high quality printer and share. Also, store your mp3s on one computer and play music from any computer.

save money on backup costs
Backup to the network, share files, documents, and music. There's no need for disks, expensive zip drives, or tape backups.

have fun
Finally, you don't have to go to the arcades or even the Internet to play video games with your friends. Just ask them over and play within your own home network.

The time is now, the place is in your home, the technology is wireless. Step up to the plate,
you won't be sorry, we guarantee it.




*Requires DSL or Cable Modem Service.


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