case studies


Derecktor Shipyards

It's Monday morning, orders are coming in, shipments are arriving, your company has tripled in the last 6 months and your welder is getting yelled at by your shipfitter because he hasn't turned in his frames. But he's looking for the bulkheads that supposedly were shipped from Detroit. He calls purchasing and asks if they were ever ordered, they yell yes, he calls receiving and they think it's been received, but they can't tell you where they would be. Your customer then calls and wants to know where you're at on the project, how much material has been used and the serial numbers.
Where is the blueprint for all this information? Enter Airtouch Networks.

Build a custom solution that automates wireless inventory management, authenticates readiness of jobs, communicates reports to customers, tracks materials, tools, serial numbers and contact information so that anyone in your management chain can access data wirelessly and make quick and accurate decisions based on real-time data. Airtouch Networks builds an information system that orchestrates your work force and provides harmonious results.



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