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May 11, 2002
airtouch networks announces wireless security auditing kits for 802.11b networks
Providing 4 different avenues of support for wireless networking in the New York Metropolitan area.

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Manhattan, NY, May 11, 2002 – airtouch networks, the premier wi-fi network provider of NYC, today announced wireless network security auditing kits for 802.11b networks. 

In an interview with co-founder and ex silicon valley systems engineer Umut Bitlisli, the question came up as to safety of the use of wireless networks in homes,  small businesses and corporate settings.  He replied “it all depends on whether or not security is implemented, and at what level.  The trouble is, 802.11b  equipment has excellent range, and anyone within a few hundred feet can come in with some security auditing tools and tap into your network, steal some bandwidth, and worse. “  Umut and his colleagues have done some security scanning in the metropolitan area and found over 3000 networks.  He stated that nearly half of the networks didn’t have Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption enabled.

Bitlisli also stated that airtouch security systems, a division of airtouch networks, markets the same security auditing equipment they used to conduct the tests on their website at  3 kits are available for the beginner, novice and professional user.  airtouch networks also sells Linux based hardware solutions for wireless security auditing, as well as handheld versions. 

About airtouch networks

airtouch networks is a small company with a big idea.  Wireless networks in every home, business, enterprise and service location. The company services the home network, small business, enterprise and isp markets for wifi(802.11b)  and 802.11a networks. airtouch networks is headquartered in Manhattan, New York, and markets to both New York and New Jersey.

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