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Wi-Fi security expert Umut Bitlisli scans the city's skyline for stray signals.
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Barron's interview, April 28, 2003
"War-Driving": the New Way to Snoop

Cruising lower Manhattan for an hour in March, we found 622 Wi-Fi networks. And two-thirds were not secured against potential intruders, like us...
...The first customer for his kits was the Defense Department. Others include the Sandia weapons lab in New Mexico and the Secret Service. The antenna inside most Wi-Fi cards works within a few hundred feet of the base-station "access point," but Bitlisli's antenna picked up networks across the Hudson River...
--Bill Alpert, Barron's

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Special Report: Wardriving Computer Hackers
What is Wardriving?
...hacking methods have even caught the eye of the U.S. Office of Homeland Security. Terrorists could use war driving techniques to launch cyber attacks from someone else's computer, without a trace. News 12 Long Island and Airtouch Security Systems join forces to discuss and demonstrate wardriving in this two part
Focus12 news report.
--Andrew Ehinger, News 12

Our wireless network security auditing equipment can be used to secure your own network, find other wireless networks, such as hot spots that provide free or fee-based wifi(802.11b) internet access, or extend the range of your own wlan. Purchase our wardriving kits and antennas online, via our secure online store, pricing from $249-$449 plus s&h. Ordering info: 800 584 1071

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Airtouch Networks interviewed by Computerworld
A Chester, N.J.-based start-up has introduced an all-in-one war-driving kit designed to help even the technology-challenged sniff wireless LANs. Airtouch Networks Inc. has developed war-driving kits that make it easy for inexperienced "sniffers," or even companies, to look for wireless networks...
--Bob Brewin,

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Airtouch Networks Wardriving Kits Reviewed on 802.11Planet
We started by driving through the commercial areas around my office and were really amazed by the number of wireless LANs we found in retail stores, office complexes, schools and hotels.
--Jim Geier, 802.11planet.com